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Superstar Rajinikanth’s epic blockbuster ‘Baashaa’ has rereleased in its digitally remastered version after a gap of 22 years. The original film released on January 12, 1995 and ran for over a year in theaters.

There is no point in reviewing a film which we all have watched many times in television. But it will be appropriate to share the experience of watching the cult among mass hero films in theaters which have now upgraded to the digital format and Dolby or DTS sound systems.

Generally the words digitalized, remastered etc will be used to promote and old product as new. But in the case of ‘Baashaa’, the technology has been utilized well. We don’t get the feel of watching an old film and the freshness of the visuals are almost retained.

Deva who gave super hit songs and pulsating rerecording for the film has added music and new sounds to the new version. The music and sounds perfectly match the current day trend in rerecording and we cannot help yearning for a comeback of the ‘Thenisai Thendral’. Especially in the interval block fight scene, the newly added instruments and sounds enhance the goose bumps. Listening to these sounds and the scintillating music in the ‘Thangamaganendru’ song is a pleasure on the ears.

To give a feeling of freshness, the makers have opted to add OLA taxi advertisement stickers in most of the autos-rickshaws that appear in the film. It is obvious that this addition has been made with the use of CG. But the best part is that this doesn’t look like a graphic work at all and it is as if the OLA stickers have been pasted on the autos.

It is a bold and clever decision to not reduce the run time of the film. Though we know what is going to happen next, barely we get the feel of boredom.

The theater is obviously thronged by Rajini fans and the general public most of whom admire him for one reason or another. The presence of family crowd and modern youngsters-both boys and girls- proves why Rajini is still the Superstar. Needless to say that the crowd erupts for every dialogue and mass scene of Thalaivar in the film. Though we are enjoying this experience in every film of his and it is going to be the same in his future films too, the feeling we get while shouting, clapping and whistling with the crowd for ‘Baashaa’ is still a different and not to be missed experience.

Most of the 1990s kids who are youngsters now should definitely watch the film in theaters to understand why ‘Baashaa’ is a magic that cannot be recreated as a remake. For the others who would have watched in theaters during its first release itself, the new version of ‘Baashaa’ will be a delectable nostalgic experience that should not be missed at any cost. 

If 'Baashaa' is a rare gem of commercial cinema, the new version has just helped for a better why it is still considered a precious film, and that is its biggest achievement of this attempt. 


Courtesy – India Glitz

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