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Even after 22 years of its release, Rajinikanth’s Baasha has much fan craze. But what makes this iconic movie special? Read on…

Written by: Mayur Javali

Published: Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 12:56 [IST]

Marketing movies, generating buzz and creating frenzy among the audiences is no joke. Many new movies try to implement the aforementioned tactics as part of business, but eventually only some succeed. The movie requires to offer fresh music numbers, interesting trailer and eye catching posters to win over audience attention.

Guess what, a recently released movie has been caught with fan frenzy moments. Not just from youngsters but from all sections of people. What is more surprising is that the movie is 22 years old and released in 1995!

Yes, we are talking about the mother of all mass movies, Baasha. The movie which first released in 1995, has now entered the scene again with its digitally remastered version. Fans pre-booked tickets, thronged to theatres, erected cut outs, welcomed banners with milk and garlands and finally celebrated the movie with non-stop cheers and whistles for 2.30 hours.

Why Baasha Remains A Cult Classic Even Today?

What Makes Baasha Iconic?

Let’s not forget that Baasha was the first film to bring in an altogether new mass element into the South Indian Cinema. A simpleton leading his humble life with his family who fears getting entangled in any scuffle but at the same time shows a glimpse of his dynamic and a rebellion past.

A soft-spoken being walks all the way smooth till the pre-part of the first half and then unveils his real self which cuts into an intermission. Post intermission, the auto driver’s historical life of a gangster unfolds on screen.

This template, which was fairly new to our audiences established an instant connect with our audience as Manikam, the auto driver was seen as an ideal son/brother by senior audience as he discharges his duties religiously.

The character speaks high on friendship and appealed to the youth audience as he transforms his lifestyle to help the needy and poor which is due to the untimely death of his best friend.

Finally, the don, Baasha Bhai was an addiction for the mass and kids and is still fondly referred to as “Baasha Bhai”.

There is never a dull or a disengaging scene in the movie which leaves audience to feel and move on to the next sequence. Emotions are built extremely high from the first scene by showcasing the concern of Manickam towards his fellow auto drivers and family.

Transformation scene where sentimental emotions are converted into aggression is the highlight of Baasha. This is the scene which receives huge applause and cheers from the audience.

Raghuvaran as a silent-baddie walks out with equal honours and Deva, the music director has put life and soul to the movie. Yes, one bit of the BGM is a rip off from terminator, but the BGM for the movie and title card stands out infusing more enthusiasm into the audience.

Suresh Krissna’s plausible best of his career, and one can’t find a loop hole in the movie. His low angle shots in few parts of the movie just elevates the heroism to an extreme level.

Finally, our Baasha Bhai. Who else could have pulled off this role? The shot where he folds his hand towards the audience before “Autokaaran” song, his uber cool performance in the medical college scene where he says “Ayya En peru Manickam, Enakku innoru per irukku”, his disappointed yet hapless expression when his auto is torn into pieces, that lightening laughter after being tied to the pole and being attacked and finally his transformation scene with him flicking his Khaaki coat and twirling his finger before the ever classic punchline “Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadiri”. Man!! It’s a tailor-made movie and character for Thalaivaaaa.

Many movies across South India have come, conquered and disappeared as well in following Baasha’s formula, but none could even match the intensity and impact created by Baasha even by 50%.

Finally, it’s time for Rajinikanth fans to enjoy the ever iconic Baasha in theatres (Prefer Dolby Atmos equipped theatres).

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